December 6, 2017

Hello from MediModo!

On the heels of our recent commercial launch, I want to welcome you to one of the most exciting intelligent apps to launch in the healthcare and wellness space.:

At MediModo, we promote wellness, not healthcare. We believe in people, not patients. We support your right to own and possess your health data. We hope you choose to join our efforts toward a broader understanding of human health – anonymously of course – because your right to data privacy is our paramount concern

Use our platform to become a researcher – or join some research studies. Use the app a little – or a lot. Connect all your devices – or maybe just one. Let the app get to you know you - we won’t, because all of your data is stored anonymously. Only you know your individual information. As it should be.

So about Artificial Intelligence….

MediModo is an intelligent app. Fancy, right? Maybe not, and perhaps (read: most assuredly) the term “AI” has been used with abandon lately in digital health. Three months into my tenure at MediModo, I couldn’t describe our AI -- and I found that disturbing. We have talked quite a bit about AI and machine learning – and I was always excited to hear we “had AI” in our app. But in truth – what really is it?

We don’t employ neural networks (what many think of as traditional AI). The MediModo platform learns by continually refining analytical parameters based on analysis of previous parameters of the app’s user population as a whole. That means that the more you use MediModo, the better it works to inform you about the myriad of factors impacting different aspects of your wellness. Nothing artificial about it.

To our Users….

One thing we refuse to tell you: how to live – that’s for you to decide. MediModo simply tells you the factors that contribute to how you feel when you live the way that you do. That can be as much validating when you do feel good as it can be motivating toward change when you don’t. The key factor: we put you in control of your health.

Our Goal…

We are working toward a truly passive user experience, but until your favorite coffee bar adopts the “smart cup,” you’ll still need to enter how many lattes you had.


We invite you to join us and the thousands of other individuals already on the MediModo journey. Looking forward to what we can learn together.

Talk To You Soon ~ Janine Penman, CEO