December 6, 2017

Data Aggregation 101

From smart blood pressure monitors and fitness trackers to AI-enabled medical imaging analysis software, digital technology has become a driving force behind the rapid evolution of health care. Our wellness is influenced by thousands of measurable factors in our environment, generating a wealth of available data points that, when considered en masse, constitute a powerful source of insight to how our daily activities influence our overall wellness.

Individuals are ill-equipped to process this wealth of data and we don’t have the capacity or means to compare our own profiles against the population as a whole. New digital solutions (like MediModo), which capitalize on the latest advancements in machine learning and AI to find patterns across mass amounts of data, are required to derive population and individual insights from the chaos.

But why should you care?

Given the ubiquity of mobile devices… your packing at least one right now, no?… the data needed to understand how our daily behaviors influence our mood and overall health is available at our fingertips. By aggregating data from millions of data points, we can detect emerging patterns that would not be visible without the combined input from an entire user base. In layman’s speak: you are the fuel that powers a new age of health and wellness understanding. Being a germane part of something global -- something greater: How sweet is that?

Parting Peace (of Mind): The Best of Three World

One thing we refuse to tell you: how to live – that’s for you to decide. MediModo simply tells you the factors that contribute to how you feel when you live the way that you do. That can be as much validating when you do feel good as it can be motivating toward change when you don’t. The key factor: we put you in control of your health.


Data aggregation is your insurance policy that you can never be identified as an individual through MediModo. So you can (a) support global health understanding, (b) get results specific to your individual health, and (c) maintain your privacy -- all at the same time. Now how can you not participate in that trifecta of goodness?

Janine Penman, CEO