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MediModo collects and aggregates health and wellness data. We normalize and analyze data to provide consumers instant access to results via a comprehensive dashboard. The MediModo database can be mined to investigate relationships among a complement of psycho-socio-enviro and health variables previously unavailable within the same database, in an accessible way that is unprecedented. No worries - your data is safe within MediModo’s HIPAA-compliant database.

Track Your Information

Gather data from a variety of sources and set reminders for checking in on how you feel.

Learn from Analysis

Discover the path to better health and wellness through analytics.

View Your Statistics

Visualize relationships between variables with a single click.

Share with Medical Professionals

Instantly share your data with your physician for improved patient care.

Who Do We Help?

Get reminders to record your treatments, symptoms and mood, and securely share this data with your healthcare provider or with friends and family. Create a new study, find relationships between variables, and make informed lifestyle choices to improve your health.

Healthcare Providers

Allow providers to access critical lifestyle data and analysis results for patients, increasing the speed and accuracy of diagnoses. Monitor progress and adherence to recommended treatment regimens and get alerts faster when help is required.


Seamlessly connect with patients and improve patient-physician engagement and patient retention.


Quickly identify lifestyle factors affecting health, monitor medication efficacy, and communicate easily with your physician

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MediModo is committed to driving exceptional financial performance and creating new opportunities for shareholder value and profitable growth.

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The MediModo Jouney

On the heels of our recent commercial launch, I want to welcome you to one of the most exciting intelligent apps to launch in the healthcare and wellness space.At MediModo, we promote wellness, not healthcare. We believe in people, not patients. We support your right to own and possess your health data. We hope you choose to join our efforts toward a broader understanding of human health – anonymously of course – because your right to data privacy is our paramount concern. — and… Read More

by Janine Penman, CEO


Data Aggregation 101

From smart blood pressure monitors and fitness trackers to AI-enabled medical imaging analysis software, digital technology has become a driving force behind the rapid evolution of health care. Our wellness is influenced by thousands of measurable factors in our environment, generating a wealth of available data points that, when considered en masse, constitute a powerful source of insight to how our daily activities influence our overall wellness.… Read More

by Janine Penman, CEO

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